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In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a range of clinics and services:

Heart and Diabetes Checks
Provide heart risk assessments and Diabetes checks

Family Planning
All contraception (OCP, Jadelle implant, IUD, Mirena Insertion / Removal).
Please phone practice to discuss costs or to talk to the nurse to make an appointment

Antenatal Care
Free routine antenatal care up to 12 weeks and any further urgent antenatal care from 12 weeks onwards. 
Please contact clinic for further details.

Travel vaccinations
Please book a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of travel

Cryotherapy/Liquid Nitrogen/ Ear syringe
Please contact our nurse for review first as some appointments may require you to see the GP first.

Minor Surgery
Skin biopsy, excision of skin lesions/moles/scars. Please book initial consultation with GP and an appointment will then be made for the surgery and any follow up appointments.