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We are accepting new patient enrolments based on the following conditions:                                                                       

  • You intend to reside in New Zealand for at least 183 days (not consecutive) in the next 12 months.               
  • You must provide proof that you are eligible to enrol.                     
  • Documentation Proof:
    • NZ Passport
    • NZ Birth Certificate & photo ID
    • NZ Citizen Certificate & photo ID
    • Passport & Resident or Permanent Resident visa
    • Passport & Work Visa (minimum 2 years)
    • You are under 18 and in the care and control of a parent/legal guardian who meets one of above criteria

Please print out form below or contact the clinic for an enrolment form.         

We are happy to see relatives of enrolled patients who are based overseas.
Note: casual charges will apply.

Non-Resident patients can be seen but will have to pay non-resident fees
Please contact clinic for further information.


   Download your enrolment form here